Coffee that comes to you … an app that moms have been waiting for

When you need your coffee fix, you need your coffee fix, and a new app is allowing you to get a cuppa without the hassle of finding a parking space.

You’re in need of a cup of coffee, but you’re in a rush to work or to do a school run, and don’t have time to park, head to a coffee shop, order and wait. Or you feel like a cuppa, but your baby is sleeping in the car, and you don’t want the mission of taking her out the car seat or waking her. So how do you get your fix conveniently and easily? Via Coffee Monster, an app that lets you order and pay for your coffee from your phone, and then do a drive-by to pick it up, or get it delivered to your car. This means no fuss for you or your kids, and no time wasted.

Coffee Monster co-founders, Gail Cross and Ashleigh Nestadt
The co-founders of Coffee Monster, Ashleigh Nestadt (L) and Gail Cross (R)

We chatted to the founders of Coffee Monster, Gail Cross, a mom of two, and Ashleigh Nestadt about their locally developed app.

Q. Tell us a bit about you

Ashleigh: Over the last several years, I have immersed myself into the worlds of psychology, research, animal activism, and app development. I graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Masters in Psychological Research, during which I co-founded and chaired a student society called We Are Animals. I have since worked as a behavioural scientist at Sinequanon, and am currently working full time on developing Coffee Monster. 


Gail Cross: I worked in the banking industry for 15 years across multiple disciplines from IT development, project and programme management, to corporate banking relationships and sales. I left the corporate world to focus more on my family, and to apply my technical and business background to bring my app idea to fruition.   

Q. Why did you create the app, and did it also come from your own frustration at having no “drive by coffee”?

Ashleigh: We met by sheer luck! Gail developed the technology and I developed a brand identity and presence.

Wanting coffee on the road between meetings and with a love for finding innovative technical solutions, Gail saw an opportunity to develop an app that creates a convenient on-the-go service.

I studied in Cape Town and struggled to grab a coffee on my way to campus owing to limited parking around my favourite coffee shops. When coming to Joburg, I picked up on a new trend whereby some speciality coffee shops were allowing customers to WhatsApp them an order ahead of time and bring coffee to their car. This solution sparked an idea to advance this service, and make it accessible countrywide. 

Q. How many outlets do you have currently?

Ashleigh: We have 11 Monster Spots in Joburg and have signed up two in Durban, two in Cape Town, and one in East London. We are hoping these stores go live this year. We are planning on signing stores countrywide and creating an eco-cup library whereby customers can pre-order using an eco cup in exchange for their dirty one.

Q. Why do you think this app is particularly awesome for new moms, or moms doing school runs, etc.?

Between school runs, or with kids in the car, stopping to pick up your comfort drink is often difficult, time-consuming and cumbersome. So, in true “mom” style, the effort negates the desire, and we just don’t stop to purchase our coffee or beverage.

You can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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