Choosing the right spectacle frames & lenses for your child

As a parent, you have done the right thing by taking your toddler or child for their annual professional eye examination. But what if your child has now been prescribed spectacles to correct a vision problem? Choosing the right frame and lenses can seem like a daunting task, but it needn’t be!

“Children’s eyewear has come a long way,” says Inge Loubser, an optometrist at Mellins i-Style. These days, there are many fashionable frames available and the days of thick and bulky “milk bottle” lenses are fortunately long gone. When looking for the perfect eyewear for a child, there are a few things to keep in mind,” says Loubser.

“Spectacles for active and growing children have to meet demanding standards. They have to be tough and withstand activities such as sports and playtime. A child’s glasses should also be unbreakable, flexible and as lightweight as possible.”

“… the days of thick and bulky “milk bottle” lenses are fortunately long gone.”

First of all, make sure your child’s vision aid is highly impact resistant, offers reliable scratch-resistance, has an anti-reflective coating that cleans easily and that the frame fits perfectly.

“Frames made of flexible lightweight materials are particularly well suited for children. The lenses should be made from lightweight, impact-resistant plastic material such as polycarbonate, which greatly reduces the risk of injury. It is the responsibility of your eyecare professional to ensure that your child’s glasses fit perfectly. Spectacles should neither be too tight, nor too loose on the head and they should definitely never put pressure on the ears,” says Loubser.

The lenses can now be up to 50% thinner and lighter and all Zeiss lenses come with a UV protective coating as standard. In addition, the lenses can be customised further with a discreet laser micro-etching of your child’s name or initials to be completely unique.

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Inge is a qualified optometrist and became the Mellins i-Style practice manager for the Brandwag branch in Bloemfontein in 2009. Inge insists on professional eye care, optically superior products and patient satisfaction. As a spokesperson for the Mellins i-Style brand she brings eye care, optically advanced testing and precision i.Scription lenses to all Mellins i-Style patients.