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Editor at BabyYumYum, Kate Macfarlane, says, “I had great intentions of being The Perfect Mom when I had my daughter, Eva, now 18 months. As soon as we introduced solids at four months, I was adamant I was going to make all her food from scratch. And I did. And guess what? She wouldn’t eat it. After hundreds (thousands?) of failed attempts I admitted defeat.

My real lightbulb moment was when I realised that there were companies that made baby food professionally, and that the food ticked all the right nutrition boxes; no preservatives, colourants or flavourants, and no added starch. So why was I torturing myself – and if my daughter’s displeasure in her meals was any indication, torturing her too – when feeding time could be as simple as grabbing a ready-made pouch, twisting off the top and voilà, dinner is served?

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My go-to brand was Rhodes Squish and my daughter loved it. ALL of it. Pear and Sweet Potato? No problem. Fruit Medley and Yoghurt? Yes, please! Pear and Peach with Rooibos? She wanted a double portion.

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And while my daughter has long outgrown the puree stage and has successfully transitioned to ‘grown-up’ foods, I still throw a couple of Squish pouches into my trolley every week. They’ve become a nappy bag staple because they’re so convenient as a snack on the go. I twist off the cap and Eva will happily feed herself directly from the pouch – and the clean up is so much more manageable than when she’s feeding herself with a spoon.

But my daughter’s not the only one in the family that’s having a hard time letting go of the Squish pouches. Listen carefully moms, because this hack is life changing: you can actually use Squish pouches in just about anything.

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I add the Mixed Vegetables to pasta sauces, the Banana & Apple goes into muffins when I bake, and I drizzle the Summer Berries over plain yoghurt for my breakfast. Squish have just released new flavours Apple, Sweet potato & SweetcornSweet Potato, Apple & Cinnamon and Pear, Mango & Yoghurt and guess what? They’re just as delicious as the rest of the range!

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Yes, Squish pouches are for the kids but us grown ups need the same vitamins and great flavours as the little ones, so there’s no reason we can’t enjoy them too.”

For more information visit www.squish.co.za

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