BabyYumYum Health

BabyYumYum Health has revolutionised the corporate wholeness and maternity benefit offering to medical aid members and employee groups .

Our innovative maternity programme includes premium personalised content, designer mommy swag bags, white-label microsites, meal vouchers, at-home nurse visits for vaccinations, and education, as well as additional personalised services to support a woman throughout her journey to becoming a mother.

Our corporate wholeness programmes are designed to allow everything related to your staff’s family, to exist within the corporate employer's world, leaving your staff wanting for nothing in order to ensure that their family is taken care of, hence the individual will not waste time, focus and resources away from their company or take on any other stress which results in decreased productivity output and creative effort input.

Award winning

Our award winning programmes have been recognised for excellence in technology and innovation and most notably for the following attributes: CRM Database and Analytics Innovation Branded Content. We were recently awarded 3 awards at the Assegai Awards 2020.

Brand awareness & equity

Not only can we offer your clients, staff and members additional value by increasing your brand equity but our packages also increase your revenue opportunities and subscriber/staff longevity and productivity.

PR & social responsibility benefits

By supporting new mothers and ever changing and growing families, you are part of empowering and educating your staff, members and the greater South African community.

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