baby room decor inspiration: baby nursery trends 2022

If you’re looking for decorating inspiration to help you put together your baby room or nursery, we’ve rounded up the decor trends that are going to be huge in 2022. From simple neutrals to gender neutral colour palettes, bold patterns and ocean- or nature-inspired themes, which one will you choose for your little bundle of joy?

Soft & simple neutrals

While bright colours have traditionally dominated the baby nursery scene, there has been a recent shift to soft, simple neutrals showcasing natural textures, fabrics and earthy colours.

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One colour: many shades

Choose a colour you love and explore the entire range of shades it offers – it’s an effective way to create invitingly sumptuous layers of colour, and it’s so easy to put together!

Gender neutral

Even parents who know their baby’s gender before the birth are opting for gender neutral colour schemes in their baby rooms and nurseries. Why? Besides how sleek and sophisticated the rooms look, there’s the added benefit of being able to reuse everything for the next baby! Colours that are expected to be popular in gender neutral baby nurseries in 2022 include black, grey, white, yellow and mint green.

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Inspired by nature 

The great outdoors remain a popular choice for baby and kids’ rooms in 2022 – and there’s so much inspiration to choose from! You could take a whimsical woodlands approach, go for florals or lush greenery, make animals the hero of the room take your inspiration from the ocean.

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Patterns are going to be big news in 2022. Think stars, stripes, polka dots and just about anything else you can imagine. The key here is to be bold – you can even mix and match contrasting patterns. Don’t worry, the whole idea behind this trend is that you really can’t overdo it!


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