Modern technology for modern moms

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The convenience of feeding my baby and some items I discovered to make it easier…

As a modern women I strive to find balance in my life and often balance is derived from convenience. Convenience means something different for everyone, but for me it means that my time is more valuable than saving a few rands and that I will happily pay someone or for something to help make my life easier.

I have been very fortunate that when my baby has woken in the middle of the night I sprint out of bed to comfort her, just after kicking my husband very hard to alert him to go and make a bottle, which he does without a complaint and then arrives in the nursery to find me set up and ready to feed hungry baby. That is how things have worked in our house and yes as mothers we all have different ways of preparing bottles for the “night shift”.

Rewind to a night a few months ago when I was woken from my warm and cozy slumber to the sound of my little baby bird of 6 months summoning me from her cot for a bottle and out of habit I reached out to alert my husband. . . but there was no one there. I had forgotten that my husband was away for the night on business.

The urgent decision had to be made and many options went through my mind; do I go an comfort baby first; do I comfort baby and then take her with in the cold to the kitchen to make the bottle, do I leave her to cry that frantic cry which makes you work fast under pressure and rouses your soul and then what if my older daughter wakes and then won’t go back to bed and then and then and then. . . yikes it was a minefield!

That was when I made the decision to find something that would offer me convenience and allow my baby to get her bottles quicker, at the perfect temperature, at any time of the night or the day (like when I’m running out the door and am late to take the kids to a party and I still have to cool water and prepare a bottle with a little one on my hip).

I searched the internet and asked many people for a sassy solution that would help me with my what was now becoming a convenience obsession. Why couldn’t I find an espresso machine for formula?

My prayers were answered when I came across an information post for exactly what i was looking for . . .

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Wow – what a find! A perfect bottle of formula at the perfect temperature. This is how it works – you decant the formula powder into a well, pour boiling water in a compartment, which ensures the water stays at a constant temp all day, set your formula and water dispensing quantity based on a given guide which is regularly updated on the internet and voila. . . a fast, convenient, no mess bottle in under 30 seconds!

I was very worried that the correct amount of formula powder was not coming out and how could I be sure, so I did a few manual investigations involving scales, measuring cups, a few other clever techniques and my mind was put to rest.

Apart from the sheer convenience and brilliance of the machine it looks fab – like a swanky high end kitchen appliance. Nice one!

Check out this video

I just love modern technology for modern moms. . .

The excitement doesn’t end there . . . the same brand includes a baby food processor called the One Step Baby Food Maker. It steams then automatically blends at the push of just one button (patented drop-down blade, unlike any other one on the market), in under 15 minutes* in the same high quality, plastic bowl. Wow wow wow! I have never been one to give my baby food from jars and always enjoyed making my own baby food, but now I’m LOVING it . And again it’s a sexy looking appliance which is dishwasher safe and uses the same bowl for all functions, so no extra bowls to wash between each function.

Have a look at this video:

Now you may gawk at the price of both items, the Formula Pro is R3 299.99 and the One Step Baby Food Maker is R2 499.99 but my view is that my time is far more valuable and the benefits and long term usage of each machine far outweighs the cost. The products are available at Baby City.

In line with National Nutrition Week and the joy of experimenting with feeding my baby, I picked up this fab new spoon from NUK called the Rest Easy Spoon. The best feature for me is that it doesn’t sit flat on a table. It has a little rest on it that sets the actual spoon part up so no more putting spoon on dirty yucky table where germs can easily jump on. They now have to make a big jump to get on.

The tip is also a great shape, so it holds a really nicely portioned bit of food on it and the soft material is good for wiping food from babies lips, chin, nose, forehead, chest or wherever else the food has fallen.

It’s dishwasher safe – big plus. Look out for it at most Baby City Stores.

No matter how you choose to feed your baby and if you are reading this article then know that you are you are doing a great job as a mom or caregiver, because you are interested in doing the best for your baby and yourself.

* Times vary depending on what is being cooked