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Xoli Makabane, midwife

Thank you for considering us to be your guide during this special time of your lives. As your midwives, you have assigned us to look after your health and that of your unborn baby. We will endeavour to be there for you whenever you need us at any time of the day.

Finding your festive while pregnant

Happiness is a choice, so you can be jolly at Christmas if you want to – you are pregnant, not sick. Let’s make this...

5 ways to help prevent the risk of prematurity

Spring and early summer are notorious times for babies jumping the gun and surprising their parents with a spontaneous early birth, all due dates...

Choosing a water birth

I often have women come to my practice who are eager to have a water birth but they have several concerns: What is a...

Embracing change

Seasonal depression during the cold winter months is a real phenomenon and one that can impact negatively on existing stresses and relationship strain. Add...

Live your best pregnancy

Being pregnant is the most beautiful, normal phenomenon in life. The moment you hear the good news you become filled with excitement and fear,...
father to be kissing his wifes pregnant stomach

To the fathers-to-be this Father’s Month

The journey of pregnancy can be quite overwhelming to both parents, especially expecting fathers. Being pregnant these days is shared responsibility that requires a...