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Pregnant at 44, after giving up all hope of extending her family

At the age of 44, ex-pats Kim Stanway-Kok and her husband Rene Kok (47) had long since given up any hope of extending their...

A tribute to the strongest woman I knew: my mother

My mother was a force to be reckoned with. She was tough and energetic, and the perfectionist in her meant there was only one...

Mom tells of being a quintuplet & giving birth to twins

Candice Botha has a special story to tell, one of coincidences and special blessings. One of the first test-tube quintuplets in South Africa, she...

The tug of Tau

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I usually retreat to the sanctuary of my home, but sometimes even that can be too demanding – and this...

9 great books to help your child deal with bullies

These wonderful picture books provide stories to help you explore bullying behaviour with your child, and give them the tools to deal with bullies....
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2 dads & a baby: A story of surrogacy

Like any young couple who love each other, Aaron* and Jesse* wanted to have a child. Being gay, there were obvious physical limitations when...

Sitting down with the creators of The Go-Away Bird

If you loved The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson’s The Go-Away Bird will make a welcome addition to your bookshelf. We had the opportunity to interview both...

Abortion on demand in South Africa

Two lines, a plus sign or a smiley face on a home pregnancy test signals a crossroads in the life of a woman. For...

How to survive Black Friday with money still in the bank

Black Friday is still a relatively new concept in South Africa, but it’s surely one that’s here to stay. After all, it gives shopaholics...

12 ways to make Halloween safe

Halloween is not as big in South Africa as it is in other countries, but it is always a good excuse to dress your...