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Pink and purple illustration of working mom

Hey, working mom … we see you!

Here’s the thing about this post: my wife will probably never read it. Now, before you judge her too quickly, it’s not because she’s...
Terence Mentor AfroDaddy with new son Eli

Dads, it’s okay for you to cry when your baby is born!

You’ve waited nine months for today. You’ve probably had many conversations about it, made plans for it and got your life ready for it...

Is it really necessary to plan a fancy birthday party for your child?

It was warm and windy in that particular Cape Town summer way, and my pregnant wife and I were rushing to a surprisingly important...
Dad doing homework with his toddler son

Managing the parenting guilt that comes with kids & work

“Dad, I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay with you.” “My boy, Daddy needs to go to work.” “Why?” “So that we can...

Is Women’s Month still relevant?

What is the most common response to the Men’s Rights question “Why isn’t there a Men’s Day?” Obviously, it’s “BECAUSE EVERY DAY IS MEN’S DAY!”...

Babies r us!

I am not one for incredibly unique, wonderfully deep and insightful thoughts. To me, at least, most of the stuff that pops into my...

Words of encouragement for moms

Since this is Mother’s Month, I wanted to write something that was really encouraging, insightful and helpful for moms. While this is a completely...

Dispelling some of the myths about fatherhood

It is truly amazing how confident I was in my knowledge about parenting … before I became a parent. There were so many things...

“…But that’s not faiiiiiirrrr!”

If I had to choose the most annoying thing my kids whine about, it would be when they think something isn’t fair. These people...

Everybody seems to hate January

Everybody seems to hate January and I totally understand why: the overeating and overspending of the festive season have left us feeling fat and...