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Young child cutting cookie dough with mother

The only butter cookie recipe you’ll ever need

Bread, banana loaf and biscuits… this is what I’ve been making with my kids over the last few weeks (I also jokingly refer to...
Baked banana bread slices on counter

Best banana bread recipe

Everywhere on my timeline, people are baking banana bread. It’s become the “in” lockdown thing to bake – it could be that we have...
Mom texting her WhatsApp groups on cellphone

The 8 types of WhatsApp moms during the coronavirus

During the last few weeks, I’ve wished that some of the WhatsApp groups that I’m part of could be on lockdown too. The fake...
Wash your hands with Baby Shark video

Baby Shark teaches kids how to wash their hands

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure whether to unleash the new Baby Shark video Wash Your Hands on my three-year-old. I have listened...
Parent confused about the Tik Tok app

Clueless about TikTok? Here’s what you need to know

What on earth is TikTok, and why are there more than half a billion TikTok users worldwide? Your little ones might be years away from...
Heart drawn on skin in sunscreen

15 must-have beauty products under R100!

From mascara to face cleanser, we’ve rounded up some affordable and sensational beauty products. Here’s what we’re loving… 1. Essence Lash Princess Mascara, R69.95 There are several...
Cute Beagle puppy looking happy

South Africa’s best cruelty-free beauty brands

If it’s your year of more sustainable living, or if you want to live a little more ethically by not using products that have...
Spekboom plant close up of leaves

What everyone is talking about: the Spekboom Challenge

It’s a good thing I’m better at looking after children than plants because no matter how carefully I follow the watering and care instructions,...
Hair Love Academy Award nominee for short film

Must-watch: the adorable Oscar-winning short film “Hair Love”

We have rewatched the short animated film Hair Love in our office several times, and we’re so happy it won an Oscar on Sunday...
Preschooler girl opening her healthy lunchbox

No need for lunchbox panic! We have all the ideas & tips here

There are three kinds of moms. Those who embrace lunchboxes for their kids and spend time cutting vegetables into cute shapes and posting beautiful...