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14 parenting moments you shouldn’t feel guilty about

I sometimes feel that, as moms, we don’t need enemies or critics because we are our own worst enemies and critics. We beat ourselves...

Children’s air travel tips that I swear by

I’ve flown with my kids at various ages and stages, including some long-haul flights, and there are a couple of things I’ve learnt –...
finances for children

Savings and finances: An important part of your parenting checklist

The books, the stories and the antenatal classes never quite prepare us for what parenthood entails. We can learn how to bath an infant...

Is sharing everything about our kids online the best idea?

Those cute pics you post of your child with a bare butt running around the garden; that angsty admission on Facebook that you’re battling...
world in a plant leaves environmentally friendly

14 small, easy ways I’m being more environmentally active

I am by no means a tree hugger, environmental activist or “all-green”. I still drive everywhere, take baths (I live in Joburg, but still),...
woman holding crossed fingers behind back lying

Lies we tell our kids

“What white lies were you told as a child or what have you told your kids?” A few weeks ago, I chatted to some other...