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Your spring-cleaning checklist – easy ways to tidy up & clear the clutter

We’ve all got them – the piles of kids’ drawings, the old toys that are missing pieces, the clothing that doesn’t fit, but which...

Is “panda parenting” the key to a child’s success?

You’ve heard of helicopter moms, lawnmower moms and tiger moms. Now there’s a new mom on the block, the panda mom. Instead of pushing their...

“You’re a butcher” & other weird things people have called me as a mom

As an ex-parenting magazine editor and now parenting blogger, I’ve taken a bit of parenting criticism, much like we all do, actually. There was...

8 brilliant productivity apps for moms

Whether it’s managing your family’s busy schedule, keeping a record of your kids’ art, or remembering all your to-dos, we’ve got you covered with...

The politics of a household… what portfolio do you hold?

I often joke with my husband that I have no portfolios at home because he pretty much takes care of everything. He’s the minister...

Is social media influencing our “parenty” type choices?

When it feels like everyone is living their perfect life on social media, it’s either time to pull back or see the wood for...

Sure-to-please Pesach activities for kids

Also known as that festival during which we don’t eat leavened bread, Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew) is the Jewish celebration that commemorates the...

12 superb at-home holiday activities (especially if you’re not a crafty mom)

Some schools were recently on holiday, and I watched in fascination how moms posted their incredible crafty and arty pics that they had created...

My experience of raising well-mannered kids

I’ve often said that it’s more important for me to raise kind and mannered children than kids who get straight A’s and sports accolades...

I had my first mammogram & I wasn’t quite prepared for it

“You haven’t been for a mammogram yet?” my friends asked me in December, over bubbly and an al fresco lunch in Plett. I’m usually...