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How to ditch mom guilt

Feeling guilty as a parent? Here’s what you need to know

It’s the guilty secret many parents are reluctant to admit aloud: no matter how much you love your kids, being a parent can make you...
Types of parenting style

From tiger to free-range parents – what research says about pros and cons of popular parenting styles

With so many parenting styles, what’s the best way to raise your child? It’s a question that has provoked the publication of numerous books, and...
Spices for winter cooking

Comfort foods you’ll love this winter

We love these classic cosy recipes from author Jan Kohler’s cookbook Pink Gin and Fairy Cakes. Warm up to these hearty dishes, which we're sure will...
How to manage toddler tantrums

Tantrums: what to do when your toddler has a meltdown

The first almighty toddler tantrum is a milestone in every child’s development that will never make the baby book. Epic meltdowns, especially those in...
Father and son reading a book

Clever ways to get your kids to love reading

Did you know that toddlers and pre-schoolers who are read to every day have a larger vocabulary than those who aren’t read to at...
Story of an egg donor

Real life: “I donated my eggs to help a woman start a family”

I’ve been asked so many times since I started this: “Why donate your eggs?” I don’t have one specific answer. I have dozens of reasons –...
Fertility expert who froze her eggs

“I’m a fertility specialist, and this is why I froze my eggs”

It's not often you hear about fertility specialists undergoing fertility treatments, but that's what Dr Lizle Oosthuizen when she froze her eggs. A specialist at...

How to help autistic children adapt to wearing a face mask

It's challenging enough getting kids - and even adults - to wear face masks, but for autistic children with heightened sensory sensitivity, it's even...
All about egg freezing

Infertility: what you need to know about egg freezing

What do you do if you're not ready to have a baby, but your biological clock is ticking, and you know that the older...
How to protect your kids from coronavirus in schools

Coronavirus: how to reduce your risk in shops, schools and on public transport

As schools return and restrictions ease, we're often asked how we can protect ourselves and our kids from the coronavirus while at school, the...