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Great books for preschoolers on diversity

Fantastic local books that teach your kids about diversity

On your search to include more diverse books for your kids, check out the wonderful range of local books from South African publishers Book...
How to treat dry winter skin

How to treat your child’s dry skin this winter

Managing dry winter skin is a hot topic at this time of year. Why does our skin dry out in winter? How can we...
Does birth order make a difference to your kids

Does birth order really affect your child’s personality?

Everybody knows that firstborns are natural leaders, middle children are rebels and the baby of the family is spoiled yet confident. At least, that’s...
Win a Letibalm hamper

Win one of two soothing Letibalm Nose and Lip Repair hampers

You know that sore and irritated feeling when you have a cold or hayfever, and have chapped skin between the nose and lip area?...
Breastfeeding concerns

What moms worry about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be tough! Although many women start off breastfeeding many drop off from doing it after six weeks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of...
precautions to take if you live with someone who has the coronavirus COVID-19

What to do when someone you live with has COVID-19

The surge of COVID-19 on our communities now places so many families in the difficult quandary of how to protect family members who are...

“I had my son using an egg donor”

"I still vividly remember the day I had my first hot flush - I knew in an instance this was not good news for...
How to treat asthmatic kids during coronavirus

Coronavirus: caring for your child with asthma

Does your child have asthma? You're probably feeling more anxious than most parents as the number of coronavirus infections increase, and what this could...
How to prevent burns in chilren

Winter burns: how to prevent them and treat them

Be cautious parents - winter is the time when children are most at risk to burns. Again, now, during lockdown, families are mostly at...
How to ditch mom guilt

Feeling guilty as a parent? Here’s what you need to know

It’s the guilty secret many parents are reluctant to admit aloud: no matter how much you love your kids, being a parent can make you...