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What you need to know about signing up to a medical aid

Deciding on the right medical aid can be extremely confusing. Not only are there more benefit options that you can shake a stick at,...

2 stone fruit recipes for summer

Long, warm summer days usually gives us some extra time to do the things that we can normally never find time for, which includes...
blood- cells

A guide to understanding leukaemia

World Cancer Day was on 4 February. In South Africa, it is believed that at least one in four individuals are affected by some...

9 back-to-school lunch box ideas

Lunch boxes provide children with at least a third of their daily intake of energy for the day, as well as the energy required...

Survey sheds light on weird allergies that affect South Africans

It’s hay fever season – the time of year when nature releases gazillions of microscopic pollen spores into the atmosphere, but while springtime has...

5 exciting sandwich ideas for lunch

From lunchbox snacks to weekend treats, make lunch a lot more exciting with the following bread and sandwich square recipes. Chicken & Tomato Sandwich Squares Chicken...

From playschool to big school: How to help your child successfully transition

Moving from preschool into a formal schooling environment is a big step not only for young children, but also for their parents. Doubts and...

5 reasons kids need experiences (and not things)

Many of us are in search of a more minimalist life. We’re building capsule wardrobes, decluttering our kitchens and doing away with material objects...

6 ways to reinvent summer with drinking yoghurt

Just because yoghurt has been around in some form or another since 5 000 BC, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a modern twist on...
baby weaning onto solids to ease constipation

2 recipes to help with your baby’s constipation

The following two recipes come recommended by our baby nutrition expert, Kath Megaw, to help relieve your baby’s constipation that may be a result...