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Coronavirus face mask to cover mouth

What is the coronavirus & should we be worried?

Every day we hear more about the coronavirus that is spreading throughout Asia and into other parts of the world. Could this be the...
Mom rubbing Dove cream on baby's dry skin

Baby skin: facts & falsehoods

Being a new parent is a very polarising experience. Many people don’t want to hear any of the gory details until they are well...
Smiling mom holding baby in Huggies nappy

See why this product was voted the best

What nappy is the best in South Africa? You had your say, and you voted for Huggies® in our 2019 BabyYumYum Product Awards. “Reliable”, “leak-proof”,...
Preschooler hugging a teddy bear tightly

7 safety tips to teach your child

As a parent, you want to teach your kids how to be safe when you’re not around. You may have heard the saying, “safety...
Cute baby touching its toes while smiling

The benefits of baby talk

Do you find yourself speaking to your baby in high-pitched cutesy tones? It’s called baby talk and your child loves it! According to an...
Happy family smiling while bring active

Fun activities the whole family will enjoy

A family that plays together stays together! Play is more than just children having fun; it allows children to use their creativity to develop...
Husband and wife fighting over household chores

There’s no need for “gender wars” when it comes to household chores

In most modern households, domestic tasks are no longer the remit of the fairer sex, but rather a shared responsibility of all members of...
Blue bristle toothbrush with blue toothpaste

How to care for your teeth, naturally

While brushing will always be first and foremost when it comes to taking good care of our teeth, there are other ways to boost...
Children with their mom painting monsters

How to ease kids’ fear with art

Marcia Sissing doesn’t want to pass her ghostly fears down to her girls, so she doesn’t tell them about the “Boogie Man” or things...
Happy and smiling Halloween pumpkins

Fun & easy Halloween party recipes

With a little help from you, your kids will love getting their hands dirty and putting the fun into Halloween with these ghoulish dishes...