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Imagine a world where men got pregnant

We all know about man flu, just imagine man pregnancy! This tongue-in-cheek article takes a look at how some women believe their other halves...

17 ways to raise confident kids

In our home, there is no such thing as “I can’t.’’ It is important that children know that they can do anything if they...

Oral health during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about many changes in your body, not least of which can be problems with your teeth and gums. This Oral Health Month,...

How to treat baby rash

We all the know the saying “as soft like a baby’s bottom” but we also know that these sensitive little bottoms can be irritated,...
breastfeeding with dad and mom standing smiling

Breastfeeding with dad

In the past, breastfeeding was always considered to be “mom’s job” but many dads today would like to be a part of this wonderful...
nipple of breast with red rose-min

There’s more to your boobs than you know

Pregnancy and breastfeeding make us more aware of our boobs than ever before. Below are some interesting facts about your mammaries that you probably...