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Rianette Leibowitz, author, presenter and cyber safety activist


Tips for online shopping – especially this Black Friday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Jingle Bells is already playing in the shopping malls. Luckily, we do not have to...

What you should know about cyberbullying

It is hard to really remember how we felt about school and the friends we had when we were younger, but if only for...

Are you responsible with your digital fingerprint?

Often, we see upsetting and disturbing viral videos, which didn’t only create a frenzy but also impacted many lives negatively. The question is, did...
geotagging map of lady taking a selfie photo

What is geotagging and how are your children at risk?

You don’t have to be a private investigator to find people online. If a paedophile or stalker sees your photo on any of the...
father teaching his son digital values

Aligning digital values: A guide for families

Parents often fight about the way kids are exposed on social media. While the one considers it a way to tell the world about...
mother and cyber savvy parent holding an iphone working on a laptop

Why kids need cyber-savvy parents

Does your toddler know more about the apps on your tablet than you? Or does your baby recognise grandma better via Skype than seeing...
mother on cell phone digital citizen social media sharing

Sharing your pregnancy journey online is risky

As digital citizens, let’s look at some considerations to keep in mind if you are expecting a bundle of joy and eager to use...
young boy looking at tablet

Parenting in a digital age

By Rianette Leibowitz, guiding people on navigating their relationships in physical and virtual space, CEO at SaveTNet Cyber Safety. No image or even the most...