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Nicola Date with her daughter
Nicola Date is a writer, designer, and comedian based in Cape Town. After studying a BA (Hons) Dramatic Arts, she's enjoyed a colourful career in theatre and the arts. With COVID as a driving force, Nicola has found her passion as a writer. Her greatest accomplishment is being a single (but co-parenting) mother to her gorgeous 7-year-old girl, the inspiration behind much of her creativity and drive.
coparenting after divorce when you have kids: why you don't have to hate your ex

The trick to peaceful co-parenting after a divorce

Let me start this post by pointing out that, as someone quite recently separated, I don’t have all the answers. However, I can share...
gay pride colours: what its like to come out as bisexual as a 30 year old mother

I’m a mom & I came out as bisexual in my 30s

This is probably the most frightening piece that I’ve ever written but, for the sake of every LGBTQIA+ child out there, I’m here to...
pink for girls vs blue for boys: gender stereotypes and raising children to be gender neutral

Opinion piece: Is pink for girls & blue for boys?

When my daughter was about two years old, I took her to a sale at Cotton On. I remember shopping alongside a mother and...