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Nicci Coertze, bereavement doula

Father holding his newborn baby after birth

The importance of having a birth plan

From the moment you learn you’re pregnant and determine a due date, you’ll likely start thinking about the type of birth you would like....
Emigration with backpack and white shoes

9 ways to make emigration easier

We all know that the current emigration (leaving your home country to live in another) stats in South African are very high. It’s not...
Newborn baby in cot next to mother's bed

12 tips to make sharing your bedroom with your baby easier

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies sleep in their parents’ bedroom – “on a separate surface, such as a crib or...
Tired lady having a relaxing head massage

Spa etiquette: 7 important questions answered

Planning a much-needed mom spa break? Whether you’ve visited a spa before or are planning to do so for the first time, here are...

How to protect your child from abduction

Most parents get chills when they hear the news that a child had been kidnapped. It is any parent’s worst nightmare, and while it...

12 signs you’re dealing with a passive-aggressive person

Have you ever had an interaction with someone and afterwards you feel extremely frustrated and like you are completely crazy, but you can’t explain...

The pain of being a mom with no custody over her children

“After yet another awkward exchange with a mother at my son’s school, I really feel that other parents (especially mothers) should be made aware...

When a baby chokes on fluids

When Mienke Mulder was only six months old, she choked on her milk while in the care of her day mother. On arrival at...

Handling heartache during the festive season: When hello means goodbye

“On the day our baby was stillborn, we had to say hello and goodbye to her on the same day. It was especially hard...

14 survival tips for parents with babies in the NICU

“At birth, Christopher had no heartbeat, he was not breathing, and his limp, blue body did not respond to his airway being suctioned. He...