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Brought together by passion, our coaches undergo training and a carefully constructed mentorship programme so that you can experience peace in the home. Our courses are based on the research of contributing researcher, Dr J.H. Mostert, Professor of Community Psychology, Evangel University.

Dad: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love

Dads play such a significant role in the family unit, even though sometimes it feels like the family would do just fine without him...

Too soon: Premature babies

Having a prem is not something most mothers expect when they are expecting. In most cases, there is not merely a premature baby struggling...

7 steps to mental health during motherhood

“My kids drive me crazy!” This is something most of us have said or thought at some stage, while feeling overwhelmed by the demands...

Life-changing advice for the mom who’s expecting her second child

Wondering what lies ahead – besides a couple of extra stretch marks, additional lost sleep and, of course, the cutest new baby? Here are...

Green & red lights on the road of raising siblings

Few things in life are equally as delightful as they are demanding. Having – and raising – siblings is one such a hybrid happening....

Happy marriage, happy munchkins

Marriage is the bedrock of the family. If this foundation is crumbling, so will the entire household that is built upon it. As busy...
young children looking after the green earth

9 tips for cultivating green munchkins

Global temperatures are on the rise and when it comes to raising nature-loving children, the home is always the best place to start. The...
crib that could potentially cause brain damage with teddies hanging over it-min

Do cribs cause brain damage?

By Celeste Rushby, parenting coach and occupational therapist. Articles that are written on these topics can often be disturbing due to misconstrued information that is offered...
mother sitting with child looking at map on floor with wooden wall-min

8 mysteries only moms will understand

Being a mother is a beautiful, but often bizarre, experience that could at times defy reason. On Planet Parenthood a number of phenomena don't...
baby eating broccoli

Veggies for vitality

Get your munchkins to gobble more veggies. Diet – probably one of the most dreaded four-letter words in domestic history. The reason why nutrition often...