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I have pursued my passion for Drama, Television, Theatre, Media, Writing, Advertising and the Arts in both my University education and my varied work life in South Africa, Taiwan, India and the U.K. Furthermore, I have outstanding writing skills and have a very hands-on approach, thus being able to perform to a consistently high standard in a hectic environment. I thrive on researching and developing new ideas and seeing these ideas through to successful completion.

Great kids’ reads to snuggle up to

Bring out the hot chocolate and cuddle up with these four delightful kids’ books that are great for reading out aloud, and independent reading. The...

3 books for kids celebrating LGBT families

Enjoy these wonderful reads during June that encapsulate same-sex marriage and family. June represents Gay Pride month and the honouring of the 1969 Stonewall...

Fun books for little adventurers

From happy family bears, to extinct birds to extraordinary mythical creatures, this selection of wonderfully entertaining books will keep your kids riveted at bedtime....

Candlelight reads to beat the load-shedding blues

Don't let load-shedding get you down. Rather, journey into the Scottish Highlands where a friend turns into a murderer, lose yourself in the secret...

Date night with Chicago

Chicago is back in town to captivate, provoke and entertain. Leading star Carmen Pretorius, who plays the iconic Roxie Hart, opens up to BabyYumYum...

Mindful reading for parents today

A book that embraces wisdom, compassion, and serenity, Mindfulness for Children (Jonathan Ball Publishers) is superb reading that gears four-to-11-year-olds to quieten their minds...

You APPsolutely need to try these

Parents are racing through jam-packed days at a rapid pace, constantly seeking out ways to ensure their days run more smoothly and efficiently. Take...

Lose yourself in a great book

Lose yourself in fabulous reads this year! Read about the inspiring, uplifting story of a woman changing the world with The Good Fight; discover...

6 great reads for little bookworms

Turn the pages with these fabulous stories that are sure to provide entertainment, joy, life lessons and the wonder of transporting them to a...
baby bottle and dummy: other alternate uses for breast milk

Alternate uses for breast milk

Breast milk is incredibly beneficial and nutritious for your growing cherub. Known as liquid gold, that source of nourishment does not stop there. There...