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Mbali Mapholi, clinical dietitian

Mbali Mapholi is a qualified clinical dietitian with a special interest in heart and heart-related diseases, gastrointestinal-related diseases, weight management and African diet nutrition. She is the owner of MiNutrition ZA and Mbali Mapholi. Mbali believes in the type of eating that is nourishing, enjoyable, accessible, culturally suitable and affordable, and her recommendations are based on science delivered by trusted sources. Through nutrition education, she aims to help people make informed decisions for themselves and those around them.
smiling woman looking in a mirror: foods to eat for better skin

Foods to eat & avoid if you have acne, oily or blemish-prone skin

What we eat and drink plays a huge role in the health of our skin. There are plenty of nutrients that play a vital...
woman crying and eating a donut: foods to eat and avoid during pms and your period

Foods to eat and avoid during your period & when you have PMS

Typical PMS symptoms include headaches, bloating, cramping and low energy. Are there any particular foods that can make PMS symptoms worse - or more...