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South African Author, Freelance Editor and Writer (with an interest in Early Childhood Development, Education and Parenting)

10 ways to nurture essential life skills in your child

From the time my son was very young, he would beg for either a car or Lego set every time we entered a toy...

7 benefits of block play

Most parents today would remember these from their childhood – wooden blocks, Lego or other forms of toy blocks. Preschools kept a variety of...
How to raise children who love reading: three children lying down reading a book together

5 ways to raise kids who enjoy reading

I bought my son’s first set of books for him when he was about three months old – in utero, that is. I was...

6 tips for choosing an app for your child

Screen time has become synonymous with modern-day parenting and it’s difficult to avoid it altogether. But we all know the guilty feeling that consumes...

Mums delighted as Spur supports breastfeeding

Popular South African family restaurant chain, Spur, has found its breastfeeding policy brought to the limelight after a customer posted a photo of their...