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Mandy-Lee Miller, founder and Director of #CarseatFullstop

CarseatFullstop is an awareness campaign designed to educate South Africans on the life-or-death importance of using car seats for kids under 12.
Children in car seats for travel safety

Car seats: installation guide, safety tips & the law explained

It is important to draw attention to the critical importance of safe car seat use. Here, we share some crucial facts to help you...

How long must my child use a rear-facing car seat?

A question many parents ask is when their baby can move out of a rear-facing car seat. Many families see this as another exciting...

My child hates her car seat. What can I do?

My best friend lives in a quiet seaside town in a private security estate. Her two little girls go to school three minutes from...

Empowering you to keep your child safe

Protection from harm is one of our children’s most integral human rights, and instinct for most of us. Car passenger deaths is one of...