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Lloyd Ripley-Evans, psychologist, coach, speaker & soon-to-be author

I help people and businesses understand their needs, identify concerns, and develop critical self-belief and solution-focused thinking to overcome challenges or themselves.
mental health in childhood: image of a person's brain with the words mental health written on it

Mental health: coping with anxiety & depression in children

When we consider the statistics of mental health in South Africa, and the world, it becomes very apparent that mental health requires far more...
Father and son talking: how to have an awkward conversation with your kidsrsation

Tips for tackling awkward conversations with your kids

We've all had our own experience with “The Talk”, whether  as a child on the receiving end of it, or a parent trying to...

The evolving role of the modern dad

The role that a father plays in his children’s lives is critical to their development and how they’ll develop relationships of their own and...