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Laura has four children ranging in age from 16 to four. She runs her own business from her home in the mornings and in the afternoon, she turns into mom’s taxi and takes her many kids to and from their various afterschool activities. In-between all of that she blogs over at HarassedMom about her journey as a mom.
flying with kids colouring on aeroplane

6 tips to make flying with the kids a breeze

June and July are our winter holiday months here in South Africa and many of us from Gauteng head down to the coast to...
tired mom looking at baby that doesnt want to sleep

What to do when your baby doesn’t want to sleep

According to my mother, I never slept as a baby. The way she tells it, I never even closed my eyes, not even for...
mother on floor meditating exercising patience while toddler making a mess and playing on floor with towel over his head-min

5 lessons for a new mom from a mom of four

When people hear I have four children, they automatically assume I know everything there is to know about parenting. This assumption, like so many...
little blonde girl who had her tonsils out sitting on a couch with teddy while coughing

Braving the tonsil op times two

We recently had both my younger children’s tonsils out. Jack is 6 and Emma is 4 and we needed to have both done –...