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Kath Megaw, clinical dietitian and founder of Nutripaeds

Kath Megaw, clinical dietitian and founder of Nutripaeds
Kath is a clinical dietitian with special interest in paediatrics. Her private national and international practice is not only built on assisting her little patients with their nutritional needs but also offering support to moms and dads. She is a regular speaker at baby and toddler seminars, runs workshops on infant and childhood nutrition, writes for leading publications and she is a respected author in her field. Kath sits on three international boards including the European board for feeding premature infants.
emotional eating: three children sitting together eating lunch

Emotional eating in children & how to encourage a healthy relationship with food

As parents we need to understand the complex relationship between food and emotions so that we can help our children develop healthy relationships with...
Baby using a spoon to feed himself while practising weaning

Ancient weaning practices: how things have changed & what we can learn from them

It's fascinating to see what cultures around the world are doing with regards to baby weaning practices. Even more interesting is looking at ‘pure’...

Your child’s eating habits: what’s normal and what’s definitely not?

Who would’ve thought that your biggest feeling of accomplishment as a human being would come from a bunch of empty dirty dinner plates. NOTHING,...
Vegetarian diet for kids

Is a vegetarian diet healthy for a child?

Is your child a vegetarian for any reason, and is it healthy for them? The first question we must ask is" "What is health?" Health is...

10 FAQs regarding infant feeding

Today’s technology, computers and the World Wide Web have transformed our world into a global village. Gone are the days of pulling out a dusty...

Weaning ways

Motherhood is one of the most amazing and rewarding journeys. Yet along with the good, comes the uncertainty and self-doubt. Just like smiling, sitting,...
picky eater child not eating veggies

How to deal with picky eaters

A picky eater can be defined as a toddler, child or teenager that avoids a number of foods from each food group or one...
pregnant lady eating healthy fruit salad

Laying nutritional foundations

By Kath Megaw, clinical dietitian and founder of Nutripaeds. Recently attending an international breastfeeding conference in France, I was once again awed by nature’s amazing...