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Jessica Baxter, Real Home Truths
Jessica is a writer and editor from Cape Town – and a mom of two young kids. When she’s not working or running after her two little ones, she writes about the mess and the magic of motherhood, sharing her parenting journey, one faux pas at a time. Follow her on Instagram @realhometruths.
Jessica Baxter finds gratitude during coronavirus

“I’ve lost my job but I’ve gained perspective and appreciation” 

I’ve just turned off the news and have this heavy feeling weighing on me. My old friend Anxiety is back. I’m pretty sure she’s...
Spur-themed place setting for child's birthday party

Our lockdown birthday party was a huge success!

My daughter Liv recently turned five. In lockdown. Fortunately, we hadn’t planned a big birthday bash, which softened the blow a bit, but we...
Brother and sister painting on glass doors

Parenting in a pandemic: being open to change

I’ve just switched on the TV to hear the president confirm my worst nightmare – the lockdown will be extended. The first thought that...
Boy playing with toy cars in street

Family games to try in lockdown

If you’re pulling out your hair at the idea of trying to come up with yet another activity for your kids during lockdown, take...
Parents with children sitting happily on couch

“How to deal with toddler tantrums – the best advice I ever got”

I spent last night sleeping in the toddler bed. In fact, I’ve been spending most nights in the toddler bed ever since my daughter...
Boy crying after falling off his bicycle

It’s just like riding a bike … or is it?

It’s Sunday evening and instead of nursing my well-deserved glass of wine, I am nursing what I am convinced is a sprained wrist and...
Mother and daughter sleeping on the couch

“All I want for 2020 is an uninterrupted night of sleep”

Today is my first day back at the office and I have to admit that there is no sign of the holiday blues just...
Candy left over from Halloween trick or treating

Surviving the post-Halloween candy fest

It’s 9pm and the kids have finally passed out in sugar-induced comas after a successful night of trick or treating – and by successful, I...

Having toddlers is not all doom & gloom!

My son is turning three in two weeks. How can it be that my youngest is already three? I remember wishing for the day...

Families that eat together…

It’s just gone six o’clock and I’ve already finished dinner. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ravenous come 9pm, but that’s life with kids –...