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Good Night, child and sleep consultancy

Good Night, child and sleep consultancy
As BabyYumYum’s exclusive sleep experts, Good Night specialises in all things sleep when it comes to babies and young children. Their sleep consultants are trained professionals who undergo strict screening and education processes. They believe in creating a start-to-finish solution for families. Good Night is associated with international associations and accredited by the South African Sleep Association.
Toddler standing in a cot to illustrate the move from a cot to a bed

Everything you need to know about moving your child from a cot to a...

Moving from a cot to a bed can be an exciting time for your child, but you might have to rethink the safety of...
When to start sleep training

Is your baby ready for sleep training?

The words “cry it out” jump into most parent’s minds when they hear the words “sleep training”, which is why I don’t like to...
How to get your toddler to sleep

How to get your toddler to sleep better

No matter if they slept well as babies, or how busy they've been during the day, some toddlers will resist bedtime, and not sleep...
Nutrition Affects Toddler Sleep

Toddler not sleeping? Their diet could be to blame

Your toddler not sleeping? The reason could be their diet, something that people don't often think about as it's commonly considered an issue with...
Toddler sleeping in cot holding stuffed bear

Best bedtime & nap time routines & rituals for toddlers

Bedtime routines and rituals for children are key factors in the promotion of not only healthy sleep, but also broad development and well-being in...
Exhausted woman suffering from lack of sleep

Are your COVID-19 fears keeping you awake? Our expert shares some helpful tips

I think we can all agree that the last couple of weeks have resulted in an unexpected mix of feelings for many of us...
Baby sleeping quietly on a blanket

Is a weighted blanket the answer to your child’s sleeping issues?

What is a weighted blanket? It’s pretty much exactly what it says. It is a blanket that is filled with something (usually plastic pellets) designed...
Baby with sleep regression in her cot

Why isn’t my baby sleeping – again!

Ask any tired mom or dad, and they’ll tell you that their baby’s sleep regressions can be tough for everyone. There are many regressions...
Two toddlers playing on a tablet screen

Can too much screen time hinder a toddler’s development?

We’ve all been there – you show your two-year-old a real photograph of someone and they try to “swipe” it across. We all roll...

4 myths about breastfeeding & getting a good night’s sleep

Breastfeeding and sleep are thought to be part of two different worlds. Many people will tell you that your child won’t be able to...