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The importance of sleep safety for babies

Safe sleep should be one of the first things parents are concerned about when creating their child’s sleep environment. It is vitally important and...

Sleep is a necessity not a luxury

Often parents feel guilty about the need to want their babies or children to sleep. “Why can’t I wake up so many times for...

How to get a good night’s sleep despite third trimester discomfort

Sleepless nights are often associated with the newborn baby phase, but the reality is that often a mommy lacks proper sleep even before baby...

Can you tame your child’s night terrors?

Most parents will be woken up at least once in their child’s life to their little one screaming and crying from having a bad...

Travelling with kids

The holidays are around the corner (yippee!). I hope that you’ve already decided what you are going to make for Christmas pudding. One other...

Sleep training – Setting the scene

The words “cry it out” jump into most parent’s minds when they hear the words “sleep training”, which is why I don’t like to...

How temperature influences sleep

Temperature has a massive influence on a child’s sleep. Not only does it influence how comfortably your child will sleep, but it is an...

Setting the stage for a good night’s sleep

As moms, we can often feel helpless when it comes to our babies, especially with their sleep. We look for ways to feel in...

Can sleep training harm my baby?

With the stigma around the cry-it-out method, which is what the majority of parents believe sleep training your baby to be, it’s no wonder...
baby crying while sleep training

Why is sleep training such a heated debate?

By Good Night. Sleep training: ask any parent of this century and they are sure to have an opinion about whether they are for or...