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We are a specialised pre- and post-natal exercise programme, developed by Biokineticists Gill Scheepers and Kayla Forbes in 2015. This unique programme has been designed using scientific and medical principles. Classes are provided to you by qualified Biokineticists, who have gone through additional training to become Fit 4 Two instructors - ensuring effective, safe and fun sessions. Our programme is divided into pre- and post-natal classes, all of which take place in a safe indoor environment, but can also be accessed online via live stream if you can’t make it in studio – or alternatively, pre-recorded content can be found on our Fit 4 Two app.
exercising again and taking care of your postpartum body: woman touches her post birth tummy

Exercising again & taking care of your postpartum body

So, you've just spent the better part of 9 months growing a little human - your body has, undeniably, been through so many hormonal...
abdominal separation: diastasis recti during or after pregnancy

Diastasis Recti: abdominal separation during and after pregnancy

Have you noticed a bulge in your tummy during pregnancy or after having a baby? If you're still pregnant it might look like a...
pregnant woman exercising: reasons why you should exercise during pregnancy

Why you SHOULD exercise during your pregnancy

During pregnancy, while rest and relaxation are very important, the need for a well-planned, careful exercise routine is as imperative. Research has shown that...