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Elana Sissison, BodyTalk practitioner & complementary health expert

Our website is designed to help the patient locate a practitioner or therapist to aid them in their cancer journey. To ease the difficulties a patient faces on the path that they embark on. As the saying goes, knowledge is power and here we hope to give you the information you need to empower yourself on your cancer journey.

You can’t be a perfect mom – so be a ‘good enough’ mom

We have all heard the term “good-enough mother”. We explore the meaning behind these emotionally provocative words. Recently, on a girls’ night out, the topic...

Regain your footing with reflexology

Motherhood ‒ with its constant demands ‒ allows little time for stillness and self-pampering. Reflexology treatments for frazzled moms can be an immeasurable gift...

Pass the tissue salts, please!

Many people have heard of the Biochemic Tissue Salts and may have seen them in their local pharmacy. However, their gentle, yet powerful healing...

BodyTalk your way to health!

Pose the question to people “How do you really feel?” and you’re bound to receive a flurry of replies, such as “I am always...