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GENERAL PRACTITIONER AND #MOMDOC Dr Carmen is a medical practitioner, having spent most of her career in the emergency and trauma room. She loves the adrenalin rush of it all, plus the copious amounts of caffeine helped make the long shifts more bearable. Seeing patients in an emergency setting after an accident or with chronic end-stage disease, however, made her realise that her real passion lies in disease prevention, health education and promotion. As they say, prevention is better than cure, and she wanted to try to help people before they ended up in the ER. This led her to complete her Masters in Public Health, focusing on child health and starting her business, OneAid. She loves to use social media as a tool to share information about various public health issues in an effort to spark up conversations to drive behaviour change and education.
first aid box and equipment: first aid myths

Dangerous first aid myths you might still believe are true

I am often surprised by how some of my patients manage their injuries before they come to the emergency room. I think my own...
what should you do if your child has missed a vaccination on the south african schedule: teddy bear getting vaccinated

What to do if your child has missed a vaccination

Children should get all their vaccinations on time and according to the recommended schedule. However, there may be instances when a child does not...
covid 19 vaccines

Everything you need to know about Covid-19 vaccines: how they work, how long they...

Which Covid-19 vaccines are available in South Africa? How many people need to be vaccinated in order to create herd immunity? Is the vaccine...
head injury in children: teddy bear with a bandage on his head

Should I worry when my child bumps their head? Expert advice

Parents are almost always concerned about head injuries in children but the majority of head injuries from a bump to the head or a...
warning poison hazard sign

10 ways to protect your child from accidental poisoning

I was recently prescribed some analgesics for a small day procedure. That afternoon, when I got home, I placed the packet of meds on...