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Dr Mpume Zenda, OB-Gynae-Sexologist

Dr Zenda - often referred to as Dr Gynae - is a passionate OB-Gynae-Sexologist and the founder of “We See You”, a health and information consultancy that seeks to provide solutions to Sexual and Reproductive Health & Wellness through connecting media and medicine.
menstrual cups all your questions answered

Menstrual cups: all your questions answered

How do you put in a menstrual cup? Are tampons dangerous? Will using a menstrual cup make my period lighter? Can a menstrual cup...
how effective is your contraceptive contraception: condoms and the pill

How effective is your contraceptive? Everything you need to know about birth control

Contraception gets a really bad rep - particularly the hormonal ones and, in some instances, rightfully so. Today though I’d like to share a...
female symbol: questions you were too embarrassed to ask answered by a gynecologist

The questions you were too embarrassed to ask – answered by a gynaecologist

While we know we shouldn't be embarrassed to discuss certain topics with our doctors, some questions are just embarrassing to ask. But there's no...