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Tony is a chiropractor who has treated babies and children for close to 20 years, He is passionate about his work and about paediatric spinal health. Tony completed a masters dissertation on chiropractic in the treatment of infantile colic. He is one of the founding members of Paediatric Chiropractic South Africa where he continues to function as an executive member. He has been invited to speak at various schools, conferences, antenatal courses, expo’s, and mom’s groups. Tony is also the founder of Dudes to Dads, a training workshop to teach new and expecting dads the information and practical tools needed to be a confident hands on father. Outside of practice, Tony loves family time with his wife and two incredible children.
mom breastfeeding baby: why babies struggle to breastfeed the often overlooked problem

Why babies struggle to breastfeed: the often overlooked problem

We're told that breast is best, but in the same breath, mothers can only be expected to do their best, and if that doesn’t...
Roughhousing play rough and tumble between a father and his children

The importance of rough and tumble play with your kids

Roughhousing. Rough and tumble. Wrestling. Whatever you call it, it’s one of the best things about being a dad. I mean, what’s more fun...
Bored preschooler boy lazing on brown couch

How to stop your kids from being couch potatoes during lockdown

Lockdown is upon us. Indoor trampoline parks are a no-go. Zipline courses, too. And our kids’ unspent energy is building up like a ticking...
two babies crawling: how important is crawling for a child's development?

How important is crawling for your baby’s development?

If you think crawling is just for babies, think again. Crawling can be used as a rehabilitative and restorative movement in adults to achieve...

The importance of free play for babies & children

Fortunately, your baby doesn’t need to hit the gym or sign up for that chubby-cherub-to-buff-baby programme to make exercise a part of their day....

Exercise during pregnancy: benefits, safety precautions & what to avoid

Let’s face it, exercise can be a big ask when all you want to do is snuggle up on the coach with your favourite...

Childbirth & what this means for your baby’s spine

Birth is a beautiful thing. A new life is beginning. A family is growing. But being born isn’t an easy ride down the birth...