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Dr Taryn Turner, homoeopath and doula

Picture of Dr Taryn Turner in her kitchen, standing in front of homoeopathic herbal oils.
woman breastfeeding her baby

How to improve your breast milk supply naturally

Worried you aren't making enough breast milk for your baby? Looking for a natural way to produce more breast milk? Doula and homeopath Dr...
Smiling green germ next to pile of tissues

The best ways to boost your immune system all year round

“What can I take to boost my immune system?” is one of the most common questions I get asked, whether in winter or summer. People...
lactation cookies an easy recipe

How to make lactation cookies that will boost your milk supply

Homoeopath and doula, Dr Taryn Turner shares her recipe for lactation cookies to help moms who worry about their breast milk supply and their...
Chinese mother lying in bed, looking down at her small baby, thinking about how to increase breast milk supply.

Got milk, mom?

Whenever I breastfed one of my four children, or returned from a lactation consult with a new mom, I’d joke to my husband that...