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Goodbye hay fever! How to treat your kids’ seasonal allergies

Spring has arrived in Johannesburg. The gardens are bursting with colour and the lawns are turning green after the dry highveld winter. Unfortunately, along...

Measles: Everything you need to know

I was recently asked to do a workshop for expectant parents and parents of young babies on the topic “To vaccinate or not to...

The value of exercise

As a paediatrician, I am disturbed by the new terms being used in reference to young children. These include such things as digital dementia,...

All you need to know about head injuries

Head injuries are common in children and studies have shown that roughly 500 000 children land up in the ER due to some kind of...

How you hold your child can be harmful to them

Safety is one of the first things parents are concerned about when a baby is on its way. Ensuring you have completed a CPR...

Intimacy: You, me & us

Intimacy is not something parents usually visit the paediatrician about. Having said this, we deal with the “product” of intimacy and have a very...

Out with the old, in with the new

A new baby ushers in the new in every sense of the word. New routine, new responsibilities, new roles, and a whole new way...

Summer lovin’

December is usually a special time of the year. As South Africans, we generally take a well-earned break and head off for some quality...

Prematurity & early arrivals

Premature babies are those born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. The earlier a baby is born, the greater chance there is of developing complications...

6 ways to build your child’s immunity

Our modern society and the advances in medicine ensure that children have a much better chance of survival when faced with a dreaded disease...