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Our Team provide a Friendly, Relaxed & Caring Environment to help couples cope with Fertility Treatment. Currently, our medical team consists of three highly qualified Specialists in Reproductive Medicine; Dr Sulaiman Heylen, Dr Paul le Roux (president of SASREG) & Dr Tamtam Matebese. We also have five IVF Co-Ordinators and Six Embryologists and a psychologist available to provide additional counselling. All types of assisted conception treatment are offered at the clinic including advanced procedures. Advanced fertility surgery using minimally invasive techniques (keyhole surgery) is performed at the clinic which includes operative hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.
Recurrent pregnancy loss

Recurrent miscarriages: testing for the causes

Any pregnancy loss is a devastating, scary and lonely experience. While miscarriages are very common, every woman who experiences this kind of loss is...