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Dr Joanne Pottow, reproductive medicine specialist

Pregnant lady lying on bed safe from COVID-19

Being pregnant during the coronavirus: all your questions answered

With every passing day, we are bombarded with information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) – and we aren’t always certain what is fact and what...

Abnormal Pap smear: What does it mean?

A Pap smear is a screening procedure for cervical cancer that was named after the man who pioneered this test in 1928, George Papanicolaou. This...

Oocyte cryopreservation aka egg freezing

The month of August celebrates all things women, so there is no better time to talk about the medical advances available to women in...
sperm and egg fertility and nutritional factors

7 dietary & lifestyle factors influencing fertility

A healthy body and mind are key components to successful conception, but what is the definition of healthy and well? We explore both the...