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I am an HPCSA registered independent Educational Psychologist. I work at a school and in private practice. I offer short and long-term therapy for children, adolescents and young adults, as well as parental guidance. My method is primarily non-directive and psychodynamic but I will take the unique nature of every client into consideration when making a choice on how to proceed with therapy. I offer therapy for (among others) anxiety, anger, bereavement, depression, children struggling with divorce or parental conflict, adjustment and learning difficulties, self-esteem, eating disorders, self-injury and trauma.
Teaching kids about racism

How to talk to your kids about race and racism

There’s no time like the present to teach your children about equality and discrimination. At present, the world over is confronting racism and unequal treatment...
How to prepare your kids for going back to school during coronavirus

How to prepare your child to return to school during the coronavirus

Are you ready? And are your kids ready for when they return to school? How to prepare your child for going back to school Schools are...
Cross boy toddler wearing striped shirt: why children lie steal and cheat

Why toddlers lie, steal & cheat

We’re always warned of toddler tantrums, but hardly anyone ever mentions that todders also lie, cheat and steal. But, before you worry that your...
Preschooler boy doing homeschooling in isolation

Expert & parents share their homeschooling survival tips

The coronavirus has been referred to as novel” because it is new and has not been seen or dealt with before. It only makes...
Dictionary definition for stepchild

Stepparents: what you can do to make it work

Stepparenting is often portrayed in a negative light in pop culture – think Cinderella, Snow White and Parent Trap. And unless Walt Disney himself...
Young girl looking at dog with scared expression

Understanding childhood phobias & fears

All children have fears in their lives, but some are very serious and can be debilitating. Here we explain the difference between fears and...
Gaslighting written on a fogged up window

Ghosting & gaslighting: Extreme forms of emotional abuse & rejection

If you or someone you love has been emotionally abused by someone, you’ll recognise the terms ghosting or gaslighting. These are terms used for...
BabyYumYum_Pre-school child at school

The best way to approach your child’s teacher

It's difficult to know when to contact your child’s school for feedback on their progress. While you don’t want to be too needy and...

Spanking your child in 2019

At the moment, in South Africa, parents are allowed to spank their children as long as it falls under ‘reasonable chastisement’ therefore justifying corporal...

How to explain special needs to a child

The White Paper 6 of 2001 brought with it a new awareness of difference and diversity. Instead of having separate schools or classrooms for...