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Gaslighting written on a fogged up window

Ghosting & gaslighting: Extreme forms of rejection

Ghosting has been defined as “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and, without explanation, withdrawing from all communication.” While...
BabyYumYum_Pre-school child at school

How to approach your child’s teacher

It is difficult to know when to contact your child’s school for feedback on their progress. While you don’t want to be too needy...

Spanking your child in 2019

At the moment, in South Africa, parents are allowed to spank their children as long as it falls under ‘reasonable chastisement’ therefore justifying corporal...

How to explain special needs to a child

The White Paper 6 of 2001 brought with it a new awareness of difference and diversity. Instead of having separate schools or classrooms for...

The ADHD brain versus a ‘normal’ brain

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a buzz phrase that is often used to describe children (and adults) who can’t sit still. But what...

Raising women

The stereotypical woman is a mother who bears children, works in ‘softer’ environments (if at all), drives poorly and submits to the man of...
dad raising boy onto his back while mom watches

Raising boys

In a constantly changing world we have to regularly adjust our expectations and methods of raising our children. Different people or groups play a...
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Bullying behaviour in our schoolgoing children

By Claire Maher, educational psychologist. It is important to know how to recognise if your child is being bullied and know which steps to take when...