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A sharp turn into grief

The morning of 13 April 2017, I believe God had already begun to prepare me for what was to come, little did I know....

Autism is just the correct spelling for awesome!

I am a mother of a four-year-old autistic boy. Since Reuben’s diagnosis, I work around the clock to try and help him improve his...

Our early arrival

Bruche De Bruin is a huge fan of the BabyYumYum Facebook page and website. She reveals how informative and helpful she found the #1...

Never give up hope

It was an uncomplicated, easy pregnancy and at 23 weeks, Catherine Pate had left some of the pregnancy complaints behind. She was feeling strong,...

A story of loss & hope

At the age of 27, Michelle Sookool was excited to become a first-time mum. After trying to conceive for two years, Michelle and her...

Living with PCOS

Phillippa Marossi shares her story, as she believes many women struggle with similar issues to hers and she encourages them to keep the faith...

My Down syndrome child

Verity Farrell and her late husband decided not to have the standard chromosome tests when she fell pregnant with her fifth child at the...

Counting your chickens before they hatch

The road to pregnancy has not been an easy one for Susan* and her husband. She shares the next part of her journey with...

The two-week wait

The road to pregnancy has not been an easy one for Susan* and her husband. She shares her journey with us so that other...

Confessions of an angry mom

I am failing – Annelie Fouche remembers thinking for the umpteenth time since 7pm (it is now 8.17pm). I can’t even successfully put my...