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I’m an MS mommy

I’m an ordinary person, with a wonderful husband and two adorable kids. I also have a diagnosis that came with disbelief, anxiety and despair....

I almost threw away my blessing!

I grew up with my mom and my younger brother and for the longest time I thought it was only the three of us....

Sorry, not sorry!

I confiscated a book from my daughter that did not belong to her during church service one day. My toddler is at the stage...

Overcoming a traumatic C-section

Everyone has a choice when it comes to the type of birth they want. I always wanted to give birth naturally but I couldn’t....

The bond between a mother & son

On 12 May 2018, I was blessed with a son! It was my first time being a mom or being called a mom. Our...

Mom, be kinder to yourself!

Bean is sitting in his high chair staring at me with an obstinate glint in his eyes, his mouth shut, as I try to...

Dental encounters: My visit to the dentist

My earliest memory of the dentist is actually a pleasant one. I was six years old and the dentist’s two pretty young assistants gave...

Changing people’s lives one baby carrier at a time

Shannon McLaughlin, the founder of Ubuntu Baba, describes herself as “open to all possibilities” and true to form, she was kind enough to answer...

I am a mother

Zingce sana lwam – take pride in who you are! “I am a mother now,” I said to myself. When the nurse at the hospital...

What it means to embrace motherhood

So here I am, a 30-something-year-old woman (a child actually but ssssh, please don’t tell anyone as it will scare those around me who...