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“How I felt when my only child became a sibling”

When you have your first child, they are like your best friend. You’re very close and your child becomes comfortable and used to being...

I remember the first time he slapped me

I remember the first time he slapped me. It felt like my cheek was on fire – and he kept them coming. I begged him to...

Charlotte’s story

Our sweet, tenacious daughter was born on 6 May 2016 at 26 weeks gestation – 14 weeks too soon – and tipping the scales...

My baby lost his fight to survive

I fell pregnant when I was 22 years old and the father of my baby was unemployed. I was terrified of telling my parents...

The story of my brave sister, Unicka Bothma

I am blessed to have two sisters (Marlomi and Unicka) and today I’d like to share the miraculous story of my youngest sister, Unicka,...

I’m an MS mommy

I’m an ordinary person, with a wonderful husband and two adorable kids. I also have a diagnosis that came with disbelief, anxiety and despair....

I almost threw away my blessing!

I grew up with my mom and my younger brother and for the longest time I thought it was only the three of us....

Sorry, not sorry!

I confiscated a book from my daughter that did not belong to her during church service one day. My toddler is at the stage...

Overcoming a traumatic C-section

Everyone has a choice when it comes to the type of birth they want. I always wanted to give birth naturally but I couldn’t....

The bond between a mother & son

On 12 May 2018, I was blessed with a son! It was my first time being a mom or being called a mom. Our...