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Mom hired an aupair to help with homeschooling

“I hired an au pair to homeschool my kids during the coronavirus” 

“If I wanted to be a teacher and homeschool my kids, I would have gone to teacher’s college,” said Amy (not her real number),...
Smiling mom with newborn baby on chest

Having a midwife-led birth was the best decision we ever made

Upon the insistence of her midwife Sharon, who she simply cannot praise enough, Suné de Bruin wrote about her birth story so that she...
Family of four smiling at the camera

“You’re pregnant!” – the best words an endometriosis mom can hear

I was first diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 14 and doctors warned me from a young age that I would most likely...
Happy mom lifting son in green field

Infections left me infertile… or so I thought!

Like many young girls, Charlene du Toit had dreams of one day getting married and being a mom. However, after a bladder infection turned...
Down syndrome child laughing at the beach

Our son with Down syndrome brings us a unique kind of joy

“Your child has a 99.9% chance of being born with Down syndrome. You have two choices, and you legally have a week to decide.” This...
Lupus on doctor's hospital chart

Is it safe to get pregnant when you have lupus?

Lesna Naidoo’s story begins two years ago when she was 30 years old. Married for one year at the time, she and her husband,...
Husband and wife holding pregnant tummy

Real-life: from blocked fallopian tubes to naturally pregnant

My journey began in 2014 when I was 29 years old. Having been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) at the age of 16,...
Sister and brother from mother with enometriosis

Joy after infertility: 2 kids after 7 years of PCOS & endometriosis

Diagnosed with endometriosis at aged 13 and at 23 with endometriosis, Kellie De Sa would go on to have 11 laparoscopies, and a seven-year...
Pregnant lady lying in underwear on bed

“What no one told me when I was pregnant”

Most people will tell you only about the physical changes you're about to undergo when you’re newly pregnant, but they’re not too forthcoming about...
Happy mother and father with twin babies

I had breast cancer & couldn’t breastfeed my babies

When I was about 25 weeks pregnant with my twins, I attended an antenatal class. It was an all-day session split into various topics,...