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The Arrive Alive Online initiative is aimed at enhancing road safety awareness as part of the much needed “E” for Education required in making roads safer! They believe that an informed road user is a safer road user and have become a very important tool to distribute road safety content not only via the Arrive Alive website, but also through a variety of road safety and insurance related blogs.

Understanding car insurance

Motor vehicle insurance has been described as a necessary evil – even if you pay cash for a motor vehicle and you are the...

Running or jogging & road safety

Road safety is a concern not only for motorists but also for other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and runners. Running injuries are...

Safety hints when planning a road trip

Before you hit the road and especially if going on a long journey or holiday, there are certain things to keep in mind on...

How to avoid distractions while driving

It is important to stay alert at all times and to act with extreme caution when climbing behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. Not...

What to do when you’re driving in bad weather

In South Africa, we are accustomed to driving in beautiful sunny weather most of the time. But as we approach the summer rain seasons,...

How to travel with your pet and keep them safe

Travelling with your family pet is a potential hazard for both the animal and owner. Pets can cause distractions for the driver and sudden...

What to do when you’re confronted with road rage

Road rage has been described by Sally Davies, a clinical psychologist, as a social problem that appears to be increasing all over the world,...
child sleeping in car seat about to end in tragedy on the road

Don’t have your family vacation end in tragedy

Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading killer of kids, in part because nearly a third of children ride in the wrong restraints for their...
cooler bag for snacking on the road

Healthy eating, driver fitness and safer driving

With the help of our safety partners, Arrive Alive, we share some information on nutrition and the importance of specific vitamins to ensure a...
arrive alive friendly freddy youth traffic awareness

Friendly Freddy, your road safety friend

By Arrive Alive. May is Global Youth Traffic Awareness month and the sad fact is that children die on our roads every day. In fact,...