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Amy Lalouette, Mommy's Off her Meds

Amy Lalouette with Slytherin baby and grandfather

Travelling overseas with a baby? Best you have a sense of humour!

Himself and I were trying to take a tour of the Alcazar, one of Spain’s famous palaces. When we had first approached the castle,...
Smiling mom in aeroplane with baby on lap

What we learned when travelling with our Slytherin Baby

“Well, did any of those articles about tips for travelling with a baby help you,” Himself asked as we boarded the plane in Dubai...
Cute baby posing in Christmas outfit

Posing for the perfect first Christmas photo

“Christmas!” I exclaimed. “Photoshoot!” “Albuquerque! Schnitzel!” Himself called back. After a long pause, he asked, “Why are we yelling out random words?” “No.” “Nice try,” I answered....
Two babies meeting for the first time

When small beings make big noises …

Before I had a baby, I had no idea how remarkably touching, tender and special the moment is when a baby stares in sheer...
Dad changing nappy of baby with diarrhoea

Choosing the right infant formula can help with diarrhoea

“Wet wipes!” I typed a WhatsApp to my husband who was at the shops using the knuckle of my pinkie, which was the only...
Small baby pulling funny face at mother

Daddy’s little angel, mommy’s little Slytherin!

Slytherin baby is gorgeous! She’s a teeny, tiny, adorable, female version of Himself (I just carried you for nine months, gave birth to you, sustain...

When watching antenatal birth videos might not be the best idea

I have seen things! Things that can never be unseen. There were many things I dreaded about being pregnant and, to be honest, none of...

The finishing touches before “D-Day”

With the big day looming, I’ve decided that I’ve changed my mind. “Instead of having a baby these July holidays, let’s go on holiday instead,”...

Having your cake & eating it

Himself has had to put up with a fair amount of what I’ll term “quirky” behaviour since I’ve fallen pregnant (definitely not before then!)...

In a spin

I took a deep breath. “You will be fine,” I told myself firmly. “This will not be like last time. You can do this.”...