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Amy Lalouette, Mommy's Off her Meds

Amy Lalouette, Mommy's Off her Meds
Amy Lalouette lives with Himself (her very patient husband) and Slytherin Baby. By day she’s an English teacher and by night she reads, writes, holds murder mystery parties and does belly dancing. Unfortunately, all this interferes with her lifelong ambition to have a spotless house and an empty laundry basket! She records her experiences (and confusion) of pregnancy and being a first-time parent on her personal blog “Mommy’s Off her Meds”.
Mom writes about teething baby

We need to talk – about teething

“We need to talk”. Commonly held as the most terrifying phrase in the English language. Of course, in recent times, it has been replaced...
Happy mom holding baby with dad outdoors

What we really want for Mother’s Day during lockdown – a day off!

“Mother’s Day,” I said to Himself’s back. “Hmm?” he replied, carefully laying the briquettes on the braai because it was Friday night, and even if...
Girl toddler caught in the Tupperware cupboard

“Talking to my plants & other things I do during lockdown”

Day 375 of lockdown: My psychiatrist assures me that talking to my pot plants is fine. I only have to worry when they start...
Slytherin Baby grabbing other baby's face

Leaning into life

“Slytherin Baby has discovered boys,” I informed Himself. Himself whipped his head around. “Do I need to get involved and do some protecting?” “On one hand,...
Dad and mom sleeping with tired baby

Sleep is overrated!

“So,” a friend recently asked, “is she a good baby?” “Um,” I hesitated. “Well, I haven’t had an in-depth conversation with her about her values...
Amy Lalouette with Slytherin baby and grandfather

Travelling overseas with a baby? Best you have a sense of humour!

Himself and I were trying to take a tour of the Alcazar, one of Spain’s famous palaces. When we had first approached the castle,...
Smiling mom in aeroplane with baby on lap

What we learned when travelling with our Slytherin Baby

“Well, did any of those articles about tips for travelling with a baby help you,” Himself asked as we boarded the plane in Dubai...
Cute baby posing in Christmas outfit

Posing for the perfect first Christmas photo

“Christmas!” I exclaimed. “Photoshoot!” “Albuquerque! Schnitzel!” Himself called back. After a long pause, he asked, “Why are we yelling out random words?” “No.” “Nice try,” I answered....
Two babies meeting for the first time

When small beings make big noises …

Before I had a baby, I had no idea how remarkably touching, tender and special the moment is when a baby stares in sheer...
Dad changing nappy of baby with diarrhoea

Choosing the right infant formula can help with diarrhoea

“Wet wipes!” I typed a WhatsApp to my husband who was at the shops using the knuckle of my pinkie, which was the only...