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How much formula does your baby need?

I remember bringing my baby home after her birth and although I initially did breastfeed for the first few weeks, I felt my baby...
baby in swing being looked after by au pair

Going back to work after having a baby

Why would you consider hiring a professional nanny or au pair when nobody can do the job of caring for your children better than...
teddy in suitcase due to mommy guilt

Ditch the mommy guilt

When you give birth to a baby, nobody warns you that you have just signed up to a lifetime of guilt. If it’s not...
formula feeding aisle in supermarket

Why is formula feeding a baby so confusing?

Being a second-time mom, you’d think that you could just follow the same recipe that you used for your first. The same clothes, the...
bottled water to be mixed with infant formula

Can you use bottled water to mix baby formula?

One of the reasons why formula feeding is not encouraged is due to the high rate of sickness due to incorrectly mixed formula, the...

How to sterilise baby bottles to prevent Hepatitis

World Hepatitis Day is recognised annually on 28 July in an effort to increase awareness of this viral infection that can result in serious...

What has happened to Nestargel?

In a discussion group of my fellow mommies, one of them asked if any of us know why Nestargel had been discontinued in South...
baby with diarrhoea having a nappy change-min

What to do when your baby has diarrhoea

When my little one had diarrhoea, I don’t know what I dreaded more: the thought of changing the soggy mess in the nappy or...

Bin it, baby!

When I did my first baby’s nursery a few years ago, nappy disposal system options were so limited that I had to create an...
young boy playing with fisher-price smart stages tablet

Smarty-pants with the Smart Stages Tablet

My two-year-old is obsessed with her new Smart Stages Tablet from Fisher-Price. This has been a great diversion and has saved us many tears...