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Amanda Rogaly, Founder of BabyYumYum Parenting Portal

Amanda Rogaly, Founder of BabyYumYum Parenting Portal

Solutions for my sanity & my kids’ sweet dreams

I always found it strange that my mother would go to sleep after watching Isidingo and having dinner, then rise like the dead at...

Sowing seeds of love

“Why try and explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden?” This quote by Robert Breault sums up...

How to choose the best nappy bag

A nappy or baby bag is an absolute necessity for new moms and becomes an extension of you from both a practicality and personality...

Whose baby is it anyway?

When you become a new parent, some things are imminent. Each baby comes with their own package of added benefits like sleep deprivation, guilt...

The joy of online shopping

I have always loved to shop and by shop I don’t mean grocery shopping. I mean the type of shopping that is considered to be...

What to do when your infant is still hungry

Even though our little ones’ “tummy problems” remain frequent topics of discussion, I have noticed that more and more mommies are asking me about...

Cow’s milk protein allergy: From diagnosis to treatment

At a paediatrics conference at the University of Cape Town, world-renowned researcher Professor Yvan Vandenplas presented on the diagnosis and treatment of cow’s milk...

Rethinking the bounty bag

In the last few days before I gave birth to my second daughter, I reflected on my pregnancy and had a few laughs about...

The history of car seats & how far we’ve come!

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of going with my cousins (all of us were between the ages of six and 12) to...

What’s behind a formula tin label?

Before I get started, let me just reiterate that breast is best. We all already know this, but as I always say, there are many...