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3 ways to date yourself & why it’s so important

When people asked me what I did for my birthday last year, I told them I spent it alone. They were a bit taken...

How to help him be a hands-on dad

By default, mothers are expected to be hands-on, and so we are. Even the term ‘hands-on dad’ is questionable as there isn’t really a...

The right to conceive

As women, it is our birth right to be able to carry a child. We’re born with all of the parts to create, nurture...

The myth of balance

If January was considered a dry run for you, I’d like to welcome you to 2019. The year is officially underway, the kids are...

5 ways to be a good friend to a new mom

There are some things people just say because it’s polite, but don’t really think it through or have any intention of doing it. Don’t...

5 funny things that happen when you become a parent

Now that my son is a full-blown toddler, I’ve been reflecting on my journey of motherhood, especially those times when he was an itty-bitty...

Dear new mama

It’s referred to as the fourth trimester for a reason! Just like with the pregnancy trimesters, your body goes through a lot of changes...

6 good reasons to read to your child

In my two years of motherhood, I’ve had many proud mommy moments and I know I have even more to come. Hands down, my...

How I conquered breastfeeding

We celebrated Breastfeeding Week recently and while it was beautiful seeing mothers on social media baring their breasts proudly to feed their babies, it...

How to survive your wife’s pregnancy

This is a post my husband wrote from his perspective … My wife’s always sharing her perspective on parenthood on her blog Aisha & Life....