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Food allergies in breastfed babies

For any mom that is breastfeeding, baby allergies to certain food products can be a worry. No mommy wants to make her baby sick...

Fighting cancer and diabetes: A vegetarian diet will lower your nitrate intake

Earlier this year, food safety company Alvarita launched the world’s first portable nitrate and radiation detector in South Africa – GreenTest.       Taking food safety into your own hands Nitrate...

Don’t believe your child’s baby fat will melt away with age

Four year old Lu Zhihao takes a nap at a kindergarten in Foshan, China in this file picture. Joe Tan/Reuters Violet Louise van den Berg, University...

How to relieve postpartum gas

Your body goes through various strange, weird and wonderful changes during pregnancy. Giving life is a huge task – your body is amazing! These changes,...

Liver transplant from HIV+ living donor to negative recipient: key ethical issues

Fundamental questions of ethics are involved in donor transplant decisions. Shutterstock Harriet Etheredge, University of the Witwatersrand; Jean Botha, University of the Witwatersrand, and June Fabian,...

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Why breast self-examinations are so important

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate and is the most common type of cancer among South African women. Dr Liana Roodt,...

What is your first memory – and did it ever really happen?

‘Will I remember this?’ Shutterstock Lucy V Justice, Nottingham Trent University; Martin Conway, City, University of London, and Shazia Akhtar, University of Bradford I can remember being...

The dos and don’ts of supporting women after a miscarriage

Our cultural discomfort with discussing any sort of loss means women are often met with a wall of silence. Hermes Rivera Jade Bilardi, Monash University; Jayashri...

How to stop breastfeeding

It’s time to start the weaning process, but you’re not quite sure how you feel about it – or where to start. Don’t worry,...