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Win Play-Doh tubs and creative box set

WIN* a Play-Doh hamper worth R800!

If there’s anything this lockdown has reminded us, it’s that crafts are so important to keep kids happy and stimulated. And if there’s one...
Man in isolation for 21 days due to coronavirus

Coronavirus final lockdown regulations in South Africa

Earlier this week, President Cyril Ramaphosa ordered a 21-day lockdown with restrictions on travel and movement in South Africa. The lockdown begins at midnight...
Lou Harvey smiling with pink background

Mompreneur making it: interview with Lou Harvey

She designs distinctive bags, exports her products around the world, and is mom to a teen and preschooler. Mompreneur Lou Harvey of Lou Harvey...
BabyYumYum COVID-19 podcast, Episode 5: Conversations with our kids

BabyYumYum Podcast Series – Episode 5: Conversations with our kids

  To conclude the COVID-19 series, we talk about how to have difficult conversations with kids. They would have heard information from a number of...
BabyYumYum COVID-19 podcast, Episode 4: Keeping our kids entertained

BabyYumYum Podcast Series – Episode 4: Keeping our kids entertained

  We are all in the same space. Calm down and breathe. Enjoy the time to be a family unit. Get creative ideas flowing with arts...
BabyYumYum COVID-19 podcast, Episode 3: COVID-19 and being pregnant

BabyYumYum Podcast Series – Episode 3: COVID-19 and pregnancy

  Amanda discusses and unpacks any concerns you might have about being pregnant while the COVID-19 virus does its rounds.
BabyYumYum COVID-19 podcast, Episode 2: Handwashing and its importance

BabyYumYum Podcast Series – Episode 2: Handwashing and its importance

  Is handwashing a new thing in your routine? You will have become quite conscious of how to do it correctly given the COVID-19 pandemic....
BabyYumYum COVID-19 podcast, Episode 1: Is it just another flu?

BabyYumYum Podcast Series – Episode 1: Is it just another flu?

  The first of a series of five podcasts, introduced by Paul Rotherham and Amanda Rogaly. These podcasts are designed to offer a lighter point...
BabyYumYum podcast series on COVID-19

BabyYumYum kicks off their podcast series talking about COVID-19 with Amanda Rogaly

In the launch of our podcast series, Chief Mommy and Founder of BabyYumYum talks openly about COVID-19 to help ease your fears around coronavirus...
5 second rule reduced to 4 second rules coronavirus meme

The funniest things we’ve seen to date (we NEED to laugh right now)

We are all stressed and scared with the coronavirus, and while we’re not ignoring all that’s going on, we recognise that sometimes humour is...