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Dental encounters: My visit to the dentist

My earliest memory of the dentist is actually a pleasant one. I was six years old and the dentist’s two pretty young assistants gave...

Changing people’s lives one baby carrier at a time

Shannon McLaughlin, the founder of Ubuntu Baba, describes herself as “open to all possibilities” and true to form, she was kind enough to answer...

The struggle of returning to work after maternity leave

Four months after bringing life into the world and nurturing my baby girl, reality came knocking at my front door and I had to...

I am a mother

Zingce sana lwam – take pride in who you are! “I am a mother now,” I said to myself. When the nurse at the hospital...

What it means to embrace motherhood

So here I am, a 30-something-year-old woman (a child actually but ssssh, please don’t tell anyone as it will scare those around me who...

A sharp turn into grief

The morning of 13 April 2017, I believe God had already begun to prepare me for what was to come, little did I know....

Autism is just the correct spelling for awesome!

I am a mother of a four-year-old autistic boy. Since Reuben’s diagnosis, I work around the clock to try and help him improve his...

Our early arrival

Bruche De Bruin is a huge fan of the BabyYumYum Facebook page and website. She reveals how informative and helpful she found the #1...

Never give up hope

It was an uncomplicated, easy pregnancy and at 23 weeks, Catherine Pate had left some of the pregnancy complaints behind. She was feeling strong,...

A story of loss & hope

At the age of 27, Michelle Sookool was excited to become a first-time mum. After trying to conceive for two years, Michelle and her...