How to make playdough

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11 life lessons we learn from kids

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5 ways to raise kids who read

I bought my son’s first set of books for him when he was about three months old – in utero, that is. I was...

Homework: Delight or daily dread?

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Developing your child’s EQ is crucial for future success

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10 indoor play ideas for winter

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Homework vs. work and home: Who picks up the slack?

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dad raising boy onto his back while mom watches

Raising boys

In a constantly changing world we have to regularly adjust our expectations and methods of raising our children. Different people or groups play a...
teaching cents piggy bank with coins piled in front of it

Teaching cents

Money should not be a taboo subject in front of children; in fact, introducing the topic from a young age will help your child...
learning in school is fun smiley faces

Helping your child cope with school

Finding a solution to a child’s learning difficulties means empowering them to help themselves. This means developing their social, emotional and intellectual skillsets.  It started with...