Homework vs. work and home: Who picks up the slack?

There has been a fascinating shift in the way education is being viewed and applied worldwide. Spearheaded largely by the studies and findings coming...
dad raising boy onto his back while mom watches

Raising boys

In a constantly changing world we have to regularly adjust our expectations and methods of raising our children. Different people or groups play a...
teaching cents piggy bank with coins piled in front of it

Teaching cents

Money should not be a taboo subject in front of children; in fact, introducing the topic from a young age will help your child...
learning in school is fun smiley faces

Helping your child cope with school

Finding a solution to a child’s learning difficulties means empowering them to help themselves. This means developing their social, emotional and intellectual skillsets.  It started with...
girl getting dna taken for genetic testing for adhd

Decoding ADHD: What it is, how to find it and how to treat it

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a disorder that is still not completely understood. Part of the reason why this disorder is so complex...
preschooler bedwetting with teddy in duck pajamas-min

Bedwetting tips from Dr Michael Mol

Over the years bedwetting has been an issue in many homes globally. Research has shown that over 18% of children aged five and over...
little blonde girl who had her tonsils out sitting on a couch with teddy while coughing

Braving the tonsil op times two

We recently had both my younger children’s tonsils out. Jack is 6 and Emma is 4 and we needed to have both done –...
preschooler girl reading a book sitting next to a pile of books with an apple

When your child doesn’t like to read

Reading is a highly beneficial activity for children, but what if your child strongly dislikes flipping the pages? Television, video games, iPads; technology has opened...
child wearing red apron making pizza with tomato sauce topping and cheese in bright sunny room

Top tips to get your kids involved in home cooking

Whether it’s muddy outdoor activities or indoor ones that involve the splashing of paint or dirtying of clothes, if there’s the potential to get...
girl holding her hands over her ears

Bullying behaviour in our schoolgoing children

By Claire Maher, educational psychologist. It is important to know how to recognise if your child is being bullied and know which steps to take when...