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10 conception & pregnancy facts

Storytelling is part of the human experience but when it comes to your health, it’s best to focus on the facts.  Grandmothers, mothers, sisters,...
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What not to say to a formula-feeding mother

I didn’t plan on formula feeding. I was completely gung-ho about breastfeeding for the first year because we’re advised that “breast is best” and formula...
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How I recovered from my C-section

Just as with natural birth stories, there are both bad and good Caesarean birth stories. Mine was fortunately a good one, so I wanted...
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Nutritional supplements during pregnancy

Expectant moms want the best for their babies but can feel overwhelmed by the often-contradictory information they receive on what is and isn’t good...
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Vision risks during pregnancy

Inge Loubser, a senior optometrist at Mellins i-Style and expert for BabyYumYum, highlights vision risks and eye care during pregnancy. Diabetes during pregnancy High blood sugar...
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Vision changes during pregnancy

Complaints such as morning sickness and back pain are generally associated with pregnancy but when pregnant women experience blurred vision and other eye problems,...
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Eye care during pregnancy

Inge Loubser, a senior optometrist at Mellins i-Style and expert for BabyYumYum emphasises the importance of always letting your optometrist know if you are...

The common issues of infertility in men and how to treat them

These days, just getting pregnant is a challenge. According to Meggan Zunckel from the Infertility Association of South Africa (2015), one in six couples...

The common issues of infertility in women and how to treat them

Rodriguez (2014) says that while men may only need a couple of tests to determine the cause of their infertility, women often need several...
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Empowering birth

February’s Pregnancy Education Month campaign highlights how childbirth education empowers parents for a better birth experience. Birth is the most natural process on earth and...