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How easy access to alcohol, & adverts, affect women in South Africa

Public health research suggests that concerns about alcohol advertising and accessibility warrant strong regulatory action. Alcohol is a major contributor to the global burden of...

Be prepared for preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a serious disease related to high blood pressure that can strike fast . It can happen to any pregnant woman during the...

Is it safe? Your pregnancy mantra

As soon as that pregnancy test confirms your pregnancy, everything changes. First up, you head to the pharmacy for folate, omegas and prenatal vitamins....

Our struggle to conceive

It’s holiday time. The malls are packed. People are swarming around like bees on a nectar hunt. It’s a sea of jovial faces, loads...

Imagine a world where men got pregnant

We all know about man flu, just imagine man pregnancy! This tongue-in-cheek article takes a look at how some women believe their other halves...

Abortion on demand in South Africa

Two lines, a plus sign or a smiley face on a home pregnancy test signals a crossroads in the life of a woman. For...

Egg freezing: The reality of putting your fertility on ice

When people think of women freezing their eggs, it’s often seen as something to do if you want to get ahead in your career...

Let’s talk stretch marks!

The pregnancy stretch-mark debate: Can those ‘tiger stripes’ be prevented? This month we’d like to celebrate you by compiling some of the best pregnancy...

Couvade syndrome

It’s rare, but it’s real. Broadly speaking, couvade syndrome is men who experience the same physical symptoms as their pregnant wives. The definition also...

Women’s reproductive lives are being interfered with on a large scale – new study

Reproductive coercive control is where a woman’s decisions about contraception and pregnancy are interfered with. The concept was first described in 2010. We wanted...